mercredi 21 juillet 2010

Idées noires

Blues, take me away from all this,
from all of me.

Blues, take me away.

I won't fly to the sky, but get buried deep in the earth,
soiled for ever, lost.

Blues, take this away,
all of this.

Take this heart out of me,
and this brain out of this world.

Creep deeper and deeper,
far from the light, far from the living.

Come closer to death, come closer to the depth of the neverland.
Come closer to nothing, away from all.

I won't take this; I won't take it no more.

This is the end of it, a part of me has parted.
Gone away with the flies on a dead body.
This black heart is rotten,
no life is in there, no truth in that brain.

Just rubbish, all is rubbish.

3 commentaires:

  1. Just like everybody : Where are your childs during these holidays of black ideas?

  2. Comme tout le monde. Les enfants sont avec moi...

  3. j'aurai voulu le lire mais mon anglais n'est pas assez acquis pour cela!!! biz cristale